Hi everyone, — This is Kevin. A designer with the background of Art & Design Specialist and consulting knowledge, I enjoy identifying problems and creating solutions to make successful products.


Import and export:
Experienced in importing and exporting medical masks and isolation clothing. Skilled in verifying CE and FDA certifications and conducting inquiries to avoid procurement and sales risks. Familiar with supplier procurement and arranging FOB and FCA cross-border logistics.

Enterprise management:
Experience as a co-op consultant assistant, familiar with the application of TOC bottleneck management in production and operation, understand the company’s operational data analysis and reports, and actively participate in enterprise management improvement and salary assessment management.

Product design and planning:
Experienced in web and graphic design, familiar with the role of a product designer. Capable of independently carrying out the entire process from project planning to development. Skilled in targeted marketing by identifying user needs in product planning. Able to develop and manage WordPress websites.


Jan 2022 – Sep 2022

Shanghai eRAY Consulting, Shanghai, China.
UX Designer | Remote
Working with a consulting management company to design a web-based staff management platform that transforms the management template into a platform system with data visualization and automation.
– Solves the long project advancement cycle, difficulties in project execution, and lack of process data collection in the traditional way.
– Reduces the learning difficulty of participating companies and improves the user experience.
– Improves the client acquisition ability of consultants.

Jul 2021 – Sep 2021

AntisepticPro., Etobicoke, ON
UX Designer
Working with the Marketing team to design and develop the website to meet the requirement. Design the website wireframe and mockup based on company demand, and develop websites using WordPress.
– Designed, developed and maintained Beagleai.ca, Antisepticpro.com, and redesigned the Beagle AI business pitch deck presentation.
– Share management consulting skills to sort out corporate and departmental goals.

Mar 2021 – June 2021

Creative Graphics Inc., Markham, ON
Front-end Developer
Communicated with the client about the website usage requirements, and applied CSS on the WordPress base to design and develop the website to meet the client’s requirements.
– Provide clients with clear technical solutions by communicating with them and gaining an in-depth understanding of their product requirements.
– Based on UI UX wireframe to show users the effect of website design and end-user experience, we have been highly evaluated by our clients in terms of service experience.

Aug 2020 – Nov 2020

Easy Career Consulting Inc., Toronto, ON
Product Management & Marketing Coordinator | Internship
Established strategic plans for job training service content, collected and analyzed distinct user needs, and designed marketing materials to put a strong emphasis on quality enhancement.
Collaborated with the Marketing Department and sales specialist to understand the marketing status of various career development training products and meet precise standards.
– Successfully re-positioned user research requirements to adjust existing branding product packages by using relevant data of marketing analysts as the basis for further development.
– Maximized resources in redesigning the marketing brochure for marketing purposes.

Apr 2018 – Jan 2020

IDMK International Digital Marketing Solutions Inc., Markham, ON
UX Designer | Start-Up
Utilized design tools and design concepts in project delivery planning, progress tracking and market research and innovatively designed the user interface to improve user experience design.
Led the YIKI project by creating a social group in WeChat to help students find roommates.
– Formulated projects, profit model and business plan, and headed the recruitment teams.
– Conducted deep research on the global rental market to acquire relevant data and information.
– Displayed a strong positive attitude in encountering various difficulties in development.
– Demonstrated learning ability in changing end-to-end project designs regularly.

June 2019 – Sep 2019

June 2018 – Sep 2018

June 2017 – Sep 2017

June 2016 – Sep 2016



Shanghai eRAY Consulting, Shanghai, China
Consulting assistant | Internship
As a learning position for management consulting, follow the TOC consultant to visit clients, participate in corporate management research, and join in corporate management improvement meetings as an assistant.


Sep 2015 – June 2020

Bachelor of Art and Art history
University of Toronto Mississauga, ON, Canada

Sep 2015 – June 2020

Bachelor of Art and Art history
Sheridan College, ON, Canada



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